Your Locket Team

Being part of a Team is fabulous! We love our Corporate Partners at Mialisia and Youngevity but working with friends is very rewarding.

When I announced to friends that I was starting a Locket business I had a wonderful response from friends. Some hosted socials to earn free jewellery, others shared social media posts with their friends and a few actually joined me on this journey…either for part of it or the long haul!! ¬†One good friend even had the faith in me to join the company the next day..before either of us had seen any jewellery!!

This weekend we have had some fabulous training and connected with one of our upline team in America. We LOVE the connections we have made and are so looking forward to the ones we are yet to make.

Our Corporate team support our business and produce some fabulous resources such as online ‘lookbooks’ and videos.. If you’d like to see more then please drop me a line.

Take a look at how our lockets fit with the Versastyle jewellery.



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