Who is Your Prince Charming?..

Last night we had some fun! One of my friends posted a picture on her social media feed of a person tied up! She asked her friends to post underneath the star of the last TV programme that they had been watching…and that would be the person who would come to their rescue. Who would be your Knight in Shining armour??

Talking of amour..do you like the change there? You would have to be a hermit not to realise that we are very close to Valentines Day! In the scenario above I would have been lucky and rescued by a police officer, it was one from ‘Rookie Blue’ but hey ho!!

BUT what if she had said the character would be my Prince Charming? Hmmmmm

So, let’s get interacting here… post a comment on my blog saying who would be your Prince Charming, or Princess Charming, naming the star of the last TV programme or film you have just watched…we’ll have a prize draw for a romantic charm or two on the 20th of January… Have a look at them here on  Mialisia to make your choice for when you win.


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