Are you a Rooster?

The traditional Chinese calendar is organised around the movements of the moon, with the new year usually falling between January 21 and February 20.

This year, Chinese New Year will be celebrated across the world on Saturday January 28. Celebrations will be going on for many days!

We are joining forces with Lucy Luk from ‘Chatty Chinese‘ and lots of other stall holders demonstrating their wares with a Chinese theme. Come and find us on Saturday the 21st of January in Newport, Shropshire between 2pm and 8pm. There will be lots of yummy food, activities for children and artisans with hand made goods. If you can’t get to us and would like to try some recipes at home then we think these look great!

So now you are celebrating are you a Rooster? I’m very excited that this year’s celebrations are the same as the year I was born! What is your year?

Check out a few locket ideas in our video…we have pictures, charms and you can bling up the contents with schwarovski crystals. What would you put in yours?

For more ideas have a look Mialisia


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