Which Title Would You Choose?!

So the girls are home for the weekend and I asked for a title idea for introducing you all to our wonderful Aromatherapy lockets. They came up with –

‘Aroma Amor ‘


‘Smelly Fortune’ …guess you can tell that they have totally different personalities!! Can you tell me which suggested which??

How many of you have used and love essential oils? I love the properties of certain oils -Lime is fabulous for keeping you awake and stimulated. Lavender and Chamomile  are good for relaxing and de-stressing. Eucalyptus is effective for clearing sinus issues and if you have a cold then Tea Tree is a fabulous antibacterial. At Youngevity we have some amazing blends such as To Be Well and To Be Loved as well as first distillation of essential oils. The option of an Aromashare offer every month makes oils both affordable and fun.

As an Aromatherapist it is great to mix and blend to help individuals and at Evanji we have a distance learning course where you can learn everything you need to know. We can also teach you how to create your own unique perfume, perfect for Valentines or Mothers Days…just ask us how.

So back to the point of this blog! Our Aromatherapy Locket! They are perfect for wearing your favourite scent around your neck or on your wrist. Just place one drop of oil on the cotton pad while it is inside your locket and you are good to go for the day! You only need 1 drop of oil. Choose a coloured pad to go inside to change the look! The locket comes with different fronts but take a look at our video to see the heart one in action.


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