So Very Shapely!

So what’s your favourite shape? What does it say about you? Can your personality be influenced by a shape…after all they are always around you, they even influence which locket we wear! Dr. Susan Dellinger, author of the book Psychogeometrics says that there are five basic personality types, and each prefers a different basic shape.

“Knowing whether you, your co-workers and friends are squares, rectangles, circles, triangles or squiggles can help you build better careers and relationships,” Dr. Dellinger said.

So which one are you?

SQUARES are organized, logical and hardworking. They like structure and rules. However sometimes they have trouble making decisions because they always want more information.

RECTANGLES are courageous, exciting and inquisitive explorers who search for ways to grow and change. They enjoy trying new things and love asking questions that have never been asked.

TRIANGLES are born leaders who are competitive, confident and decisive. They like recognition.

CIRCLES are a “people person” with lots of sympathy and consideration for others. They listen and communicate well, being very perceptive about feelings. They like harmony and hate making unpopular decisions.

SQUIGGLES are creatives who always think of new ways to do something. However they don’t think in a deliberate pattern with solutions and thoughts jumping around in their mind.

If you are not sure which shape you are the try out this Quiz

So now you know which locket resonates with you!! I wear a round one or our new Octagon. For me it’s the squiggle and circle combined! Why not share which shape you are?


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