Not just for people!!

Never work with children or pets they say! I wonder why?? I always have help from my family with Mialisia¬†events and socials but our feline ‘children’ can often be as much help as a chocolate tea pot…

George loves to ‘help’ when I’m working, I’m sure she’d like her own locket…



Keeping the focus on our furry and feathered friends we have a lot of charities we LOVE to support and one of these is Gentleshaw Animal Wildlife Sanctuary in Eccleshall. Here Jenny and her family rescue birds of prey and small exotic animals that can’t be re-homed elsewhere. Cerys had a fabulous time volunteering for them and has lots of stories of meerkats and Saxon the hybrid wolf/dog.

We had a great social for the ladies around the time that Kate got married and I know I shouldn’t have a favourite guest but who could resist this baby eagle cute is she? My flip flops were a hit as they were sparkly and she was my shadow for the evening!¬†

We’d love Jenny to pop us some more information about her in the comments!

Let us know which unusual pets you have who would be a guest at your social…you could receive one of our DIY picture charms!


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