What to do on a Poorly Day?

Sitting under a blanket on the sofa with a box of tissues for company was not my idea of the Sunday I had in mind! Glass work, time with Cerys, Mialisia planning for the week, Photographs, Assessors homework, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy module 10…so many other ways to use my time!

Bleurrh… when you have the urge to blow your nose every 2 seconds and your muscles ache then doing anything else is draining! Taking Youngevity’s ’90 for Life’ I haven’t had a cold in over a year but this last week I’d been a bit slack and missed a few days. Coincidence? Even if not then I think I won’t take the chance!!!

So what would you do if sofa bound?

I’ve been immersed into a whole new world of television series  I never usually have the time to watch… Rookie Blue, Chicago Fire, NCIS Los Angeles among others!

So what would your locket look like for your favourite TV programme? Why not share it with us by the end of the month and we’ll do a prize draw 🙂

Here’s mine…

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