A very British Cup of Tea..

Tea! Is it Traditionally British. It is often seen as something British to drink…traditional or not this has definitely kept me going today! Still snuffling on and it has been a very busy day.

I spent a wonderful morning working with some students as their Assessor and we drank lots of tea!

I then went for lunch with a fabulous friend and drank lots of tea!

I came home to admin and drank more tea, more of which I have been swigging between sugaring clients this evening!

Having been Chinese New Year last week it was very apt to drinking more tea. The drink originated in Southwest China where it was used as a medicinal drink. It was introduced to Europe by Portuguese Priests in the 16th Century, by which time it was a recreational drink. By the 17th Century we Brits started large scale production in India to bypass the Chinese monopoly and to quench our ever growing thirst. More about the history of the tea trade can be found on Wikipedia

Are you a tea lover?

There are lots of other things that help when you are feeling under the weather. While I’m sipping on my cuppa I have my essential oil diffuser with the Youngevity oil blend To Be Well filling the air. I have had this oil in my Aromatherapy locket all day too!

What would be your favourite aroma to wear all day?




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