Positive Technology 

Yesterday was a busy day but Technology helped with a lot of my tasks! Mialisa locket designing with a lovely client via Facebook video message. Followed by observing gel nail application for a student in Wales via FaceTime so that she can complete her case studies for her training with Evanji.

Using my iPhone to make short videos and then the iPad to catch up on some TV while completing my own studies in CBT and Assessing…all between sugaring clients!

I was very grateful for Technology yesterday. I am still full of the lurgy and it meant that I could still get on and do some of my work without going out of the house. But this morning Technology made me very sad. I was reading an article about a young girl who took her own life after being bullied on Facebook and Snapchat. Having two daughters of my own it resonated with my own fears for them while they were maturing, it may well still happen that inappropriate people contact them now…it has even happened to me at my age! The contact we can choose to have with people in the world is widening through technology but the key is we have a choice of whom we interact with. I am hopeful that I have raised daughters who will make positive choices despite the pressure of their peers..and are strong enough to know that what others think of them is none of their business…only their opinion of themselves matters.

I had the privelidge yesterday of training a young lady who I believe displays these positive traits! Her hand is doing the work in the picture above! I designed a locket to represent what she is accomplishing right now but please excuse the puffy face and croaky voice in the video…


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