Having a Glassy Time..

Yesterday was an inspirational Glass day! Not the glass in a Mialisia Locket but definitely A glass half full day..

I opened the workshop for Piers to have a go at Tiffany Stained glass to create two very different coasters for a project he was working on at Newcastle college..and remembered why it is that I love teaching so much! Knowledge is a powerful tool and by passing on what we know then we can enable someone to grow and achieve their goals.

I was thrilled that Piers chose to have a go at a very new skill. We explored two very different ideas ¬†based around the same design idea of a duck. Anyone living in the Potteries will be familiar with the phrase ‘ay up duck’…which is where I believe Piers got his inspiration from!

After creating the patterns, cutting the glass, foiling the pieces and then soldering them together two very respectable pieces of work were finished! Now comes the task of preparing the paperwork..fingers crossed for that Distinction!

To finish my glass day I was very grateful to have been invited to the Alexander Women’s Group in Market Drayton. The Ladies listened patiently while I explained how to construct Tiffany and leaded stained glass, asking lots of really relevant questions. It was great to see so many requiring minds…keeping them all young! I hadn’t bored them into slumber and I’ve even been invited back…

I was thrilled that a past student, from days in the Craft Box with Caron of Mayfly Mosaics, had brought some of her work to show me too. Fabulous to see how students still enjoy their work many years down the way.

The workshop is open at home regularly on a Wednesday and on other days too so drop me a line if you’d like to be creative.




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