Let’s Celebrate Life.

Well what a day! Fabulous students, Mialisia designs, winning rugby teams (I am English after all) and reflections…

Today is the day that I spend being thankful each year to have been able to experience new things, get to know new people, re-connect with friends and family and just wake up!

11th of February 1989 is etched in my memory for good…although the happenings that day have been erased by my subconscious, thankfully! I had been watching a canoe polo tournament, the sport I participated in as a student. Our Leeds Poly team had been competing in Division 1 and had earned the opportunity to play at the National Championships.

We were on our way back home when a drunk, speeding driver hit our minibus at 117mph in the corner that I was sat in. I have no memory of the accident but I am reminded of the pain it causes daily, the 9 years of specific treatment, the little niggles that my body throws up to not let me forget. On the flip side though I am grateful every morning when I wake up. I am grateful for my body that allows me to still be active and my memory that I work on daily to enable me to learn.

Most of all I am grateful for patient friends and family both at the time and now. For the Nurses and Doctors, Chiropractors and Holistic Practitioners who have Positively impacted my journey. Now for the positive help of the nutrition and natural products from Youngevity and the fabulous mentors that we have with in our business. I am truly blessed.


My student friends may not be so appreciative of the old photos I’ve found 😉


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