Investigating a Historic Home

A lovely slow day today between snow showers and drizzle! Tucked up snugly in front of a roaring fire at home while I write this, finally feeling warm.

For some students in the U.K. It is the start of the half term holiday and my youngest daughter has gone skiing for the week. Here in Shropshire we have another week to go until all the local attractions will be buzzing with young people completing holiday research or just enjoying themselves. I’m looking forward to some Mialisia socials.

We ventured to South Shropshire today and Ludlow. In the summer we have the opportunity to display some of our Glass work at Ludlow Castle so thought we’d go and gain some inspiration for design ideas!

We had a mooch around the castle and admired the medieval construction. The Blackwork houses were impressive, even in the rain. It was amazing to think of all the generations that may have lived in the houses and the castle. One particular house was rebuilt in the 16th Century after a fire…but still so many occupants since then. My own house was built in about yours?

The local ladies in the Pantry gave us a few ideas too and serve a fabulous cuppa and Chelsea bun!

The architecture may need to be a focus of the display and I have started some house designs already…on the subject of houses I’m hoping my youngest has a safe journey home after her week away!


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