Feeling A Little Chilli…

A bit of a pun on words there! I have been in the workshop most of the morning with a student creating stained glass. Although we have the heater on it can still be very chilly.

I had some commissions to work on today. I’ve been designing for a display we are having in the shop at Ludlow Castle. I am really enjoying being creative and I’ll share those ideas at a later date!

A second commission was for a special broach for a lovely local foodie personality! I have known and worked with Lajina of Lajina Masala since before her business was born. It has been wonderful to watch her ideas develop and see the progress and connections she is making.

Have you ever wanted to cook Indian food perfectly in your own home? Then Lajina’s workshops are just for you! Her spice pots bring wonderful aromas to your home..especially if you are like me a pop them into the slow cooker to infuse all day!

So with Lajina’s commission of a chilli she could wear I also had a thought about our gorgeous lockets. We have so many foodie charms that I had to be able to find the perfect one…right? Take a look…



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