What does Purple mean to you? 

Have you heard of wearing purple when you are older so as not to be boring? Or wearing purple in the Catholic Church for funerals? Or even wearing purple in Roman times to denote being of Royal descent?

Well since a Lovely lady whom I know was diagnosed with epilepsy there is only one thing purple means to me…epilepsy awareness.

Pip is an amazing inspiration and has been through a great deal. I have had many friends since childhood who have lived with epilepsy and I am always humbled by the stories I hear. Pip’s Mum Caroline raises funds for epilepsy awareness, especially on ‘Purple Day’.

Each year Purple Day is on the 26th of March, the same day in the U.K. as Mother’s Day this year. For Mothers everywhere supporting children with epilepsy this will be very poignant.

Caroline has been very busy creating hearts in purple felt this year and on her Instagram ‘daisyandbert27’ she says ‘I will be selling as many of these as I possibly can to raise funds and awareness for www.epilepsyaction.co.uk. My daughter has uncontrolled epilepsy and has two seizures only this week! Resulting in multiple injuries with a trip to A&E. Every March 26th is Purple Day. I’m making hand felted brooches  for £3.’

To buy and wear your please contact Caroline on carolinehammond87@googlemail.com or on 01939 590060.

If you don’t know enough about epilepsy then take a peek at the video below and any orders of our epilepsy inspired Mialisia Locket will have all the proceeds donated to Caroline’s collection.


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