Take the 40 Acts Challenge…

Changing, challenging and Random Acts of Kindness are something that we hear a lot about today. Youngevity have their own ‘Be the Change’ Foundation which supports worthy causes and has a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) day on the 1st of every month. This is where we are encouraged to do something for others without expecting anything in return. Indeed all the profits from our unique blends of coffee are donated to help people in need as are certain items from each of the brands under the Youngevity umbrella.

This year a lovely friend, Cathy, introduced me to the idea of completing a RAK each day during Lent. Instead of giving up something for the 40 days of Lent the idea is to Give Back each day. You don’t need to come up with the ideas yourself to decide on what to do as there is a website set up called ’40 acts’ so that you can register and be sent an idea each day. Lent starts on the 1st of March so an ideal opportunity to have a new month and a new commitment to a project.

“40acts is the generosity challenge for Lent, created by UK Christian charity, Stewardship. For seven years, 40acts has asked a question: what if Lent could be about more than just giving stuff up? What if it could be a time of radical generosity as well as spiritual discipline? Over the years, 40acts has become a movement of over 100,000 people on a mission to impact their communities with generosity – during Lent and beyond.”

Through Youngevity’s Mialisia we support many charities here in the UK too. One of our team donates all the proceeds from her business to ‘CRY for Matthew’. if you would like to host a social to aid a charity or project you are currently working with then please do get in touch.  In my mind it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, if you have any, but the essence of doing good within our community is a question of having a good heart and wanting to help. Are you up for the challenge of giving back or paying forward? Please let us know what you get up to and the results you see… I’d love to share some of your stories!

Watch this video about how Youngevity’s Be the Change Foundation works with ‘My Story Matters’ and the impact they had within one community…


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