Hapus dydd Dewi Sant

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about completing the Ancestry DNA test to find out more about my origins! My eldest daughter, Bethan, has sent off to see if she can have a better idea about her roots!! She most definitely has Welsh blood in her veins, as does her sister Cerys. My Father, however, spent his whole adult life explaining politely that he was English to anyone who called him Welsh!

My parents are from the Royal Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire and both are very proud of their origin, but their accent was often confused with a Welsh one. Although I have never lived there I am very attached to my ‘home’. I love going back to visit family and re-visiting the haunts of my childhood. I can still remember the sounds and smells, see the colours and remember the feelings of being in the Forest.

My Mum’s parents lived in Cinderford, opposite the Miners Hall. Every Tuesday was ‘Old Time Dancing’…a bit like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ but less sparkly and with older contestants! One of my vivid memories is standing on the feet of some of the older Gentlemen while we whirled around the dance floor. I would have been too small to keep up and I certainly didn’t remember the steps! Later on I was able to take part properly and it was nowhere near as much fun!

My Dad’s parents lived in Yorkley. It’s hard to pick one memory of being there but when I see jars of sweets they always make me smile. My cousin Sonia probably will smile at that too! Grancher always made sure they were full and never said ‘No’ to sharing!! Nanna was always busy in the kitchen and when I stumbled on the recipe she gave me for Welsh Cakes I could still smell them! Maybe I should put a cake charm in my locket. Why not have a go at baking your own…

Happy St. Davids day…


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