A Sleeping Beauty…

What is one of the best ways to spend a day off? Celebrating a Birthday? Having a catch up with friends? Appreciating new life? Relaxing?

Well today has been one of those best days…for all of the reasons I mention!

Seven weeks ago we were celebrating the birth of of my friend Leda’s Granddaughter..and today we took her out to the Hideout in Market Drayton, with her Mum, to celebrate Leda’s Birthday!

Sleeping Beauty

It’s a long time since my girls were this small and it really does make you appreciate how quickly children grow. There are lots of quotes about wishing time would stand still so that our children don’t ‘grow out’ of us but they have to become independent. With my girls now being 17 and 19 years old  I am finding that they aren’t necessarily ‘growing out’ of me but instead finding that I am useful in different ways. It is just another stage, another adjustment.

The little lady I spent cwtched with today is constantly changing as she grows and develops. Recently she has been experiencing colic as her digestive system matures so it was great that Leda has been able to share some Baby Massage techniques to help her. I’ve shared a snippet from our course below in the hope it may help you or someone you know.

One way to help a Mum celebrate their new arrival? Help them make a Memory.


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