How is your memory? 

Today has been a day of memories! It started with seeing the Young Enterprise teams I mentor at their last trade fair in Telford. My first experience of Young Enterprise was seeing the magic Jeremy Law wove with groups at Hatch End High School back in 1994. Fudget in particular have created a fabulous brand over the last few months and should be very proud. It was great to catch up with friends such as Eli Wilkinson, the Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant and Barbara Rainford from Strawberry Fields.

Late afternoon Leda and I took Tara for a walk in the Burntwood. We passed the house my parents moved into in 1988 and lived in for 16 years. Fond memories of walking dogs, the children playing and my Dad in the garden!!

The Burntwood is an amazing place. Woodpeckers, Badgers, squirrels and rabbits among other birds and animals obviously living there. Unspoilt, a quiet place to reflect.

This evening? A glass of fizz and catching up on business, friends and courses! Ironic that Eli can concur that my memory is rubbish!! How good is yours?


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