Creating Safe Creams..

Yesterday was a fabulous day sharing my knowledge on creating skin care with Lee! As part of my business Evanji I have been creating natural hair removal sugarpaste since 2002. Alongside this I created a range of 157 skin, hair and cosmetic products between 2003 and 2009. I was thrilled to retail them in the UK and Europe…and then the European legislation changed …. and I stopped!! My passion was in the products and not in the paperwork!

At Evanji we have been helping other companies create their own product lines, such as Sweethearts Hair Design. Lee is coming to take 4 of our 6 product making courses to be able to create his own ranges for his very lucky clients at Hair Forum. The first course covers body wash, lip balms and moisturisers. Have you ever thought about the oils that you put on your skin? We explored olive oils, Thistle oil, avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil, among lots of others. Which is your favourite? Lee was extremely excited to find the foaming bottles..I feel more experimenting will be happening soon!!

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Then today I came home to my  Youngevity delivery with my Aroma Share club oils inside!! I LOVE getting surprises and although the contents are published on the site it’s always such a gift to finally find out what each bottle smells like! The recipes you receive to go with them and the information cards make this well worth the $50. Which is your favourite essential oil?  Mine is Geranium…so very balancing. Which aroma can’t you stand? For me that’s Lavender! Would you like to know more about oils? Drop us a line…

Evanji’s Easy Lip Balms..

14g Cocoa Butter

10g Beeswax

25ml coconut oil

25-30 drops of essential oils, orange for instance.

  1. Heat all the ingredients, except the essential oils, in a bain marie (a glass or metal container in a saucepan of water.)
  2. Once melted add essential oils
  3. Pour into cylinders and allow to cool for 7-10 minutes.
  4. Top up the lip balms as they will sink on cooling.
  5. Leave for a further 5 minutes and then put the lids on
  6. Label

For sun protection add Tiosol at a volume of 5g/ml for spf12 or 2.5g/ml for spf5-6.

For a Vegan version use shea butter or another oil instead of the Beeswax and increase the cocoa butter.

Makes 10




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