All the Colours of the Rainbow –

Yesterday was such a colourful day. I started with an early morning journey down to visit the Ladies of Hibiscus Hair and Beauty in Worcester. We were completing some make up training, including colour matching foundations using the lovely mineral make up from Youngevity. Kirsty, the salon manger, Alisha the resident beautician and the lovely ladies from the hair department, especially Jess.

Meet the ladies after we had been having a play with colour..

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We started off looking at what is in the the make up, but more importantly, at what is NOT in there. To have a look at some of the information I gave them about what to avoid in your products just check out my blog post on ‘Making Safe Choices’. Many people think about safe skin and hair care but don’t realise they need to be just as careful with their make up! Kirsty has been growing an incredible salon that uses products that are as natural and organic as possible so I was delighted that we were able to use the Youngevity range in their training.

We discussed lots of nasty ingredients such as lead being found in lipstick (yuk) but quickly moved onto the benefits of using natural minerals in make up, such as…

Mica – a naturally occurring mineral that sticks to the skin, reflects light, gives a more even skin tone which in turn shows less wrinkles. Mica is resistant to UV light, heat and weather

Titanium Dioxide – is a naturally occurring white pigment which acts as a filter for UVA and UVB rays. It acts as an anti-inflammatory reducing irritation and redness in the skin. It gives a matte look with waterproof and SPF properties.

Iron Oxides – these are non irritating, hypoallergenic compounds used for colour. They are long wearing and block infrared rays keeping the skin cool.

Zinc Oxide – is a natural sun screen agent. It is antiseptic and astringent. It is well known for healing properties and stays on despite sweat and swimming.

Ultramarine Blue – is from clay which is ultra heated to achieve yellow and blue colours.

Serecite – is a purified, uncoated and untreated mica. It is fluffy and translucent giving a silky texture.

Kaolin Clay – is used to absorb extra oils. It helps the make up to last longer on the face.

We then began to have a look at blending the fabulous mineral powers from Youngevity and creating bespoke foundation colours. The range is very versatile and we had great fun working on very young and much older skin. Getting the base right will help the whole look to glow. The correct foundation can create a healthy glow or it can have the opposite effect!


During the afternoon Alisha was experimenting on a variety of different skin types and colour tones to practise using not only the foundations but the eyeshadows,  blushers, bronzers and lip products. Having a full make up kit at the session was great fun as we were able to show how versatile these products can be and you can see Alisha in action for yourself below and some of the results she achieved. The evening brought guests to the salon to experience a colour match or make over. If you would like to experience the Youngevity Mineral make Up then drop me a line or bookings are now being taken from mid April for Alisha at Hibiscus to give you a whole new look. Why not pop in and say ‘Hi’?


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