A New Addition…

Grandma has been looking for a rescue dog for some time now. When growing up we always had a dog, or two, in the house. After my Father passed away the last of their Westies passed away too and I know Mum has wanted the company of a furry four legged companion! There were a few criteria for this pooch though, so the search hasn’t been easy!

A number of years ago my Sister realised that she has an allergy to all things fluffy. This has meant that the scope for a dog was narrowed to those that don’t malt. My Mum visits my Sister and family so wanted to be able take any new addition with her. Only having been used to having female dogs in the past then this was also on the list of criteria. Mum  is no spring chicken and although active didn’t want to chase around after a puppy. So another criteria was the age, she would need to be 3-5 years old!

Finally Pippa came along.

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She is a little jumpy at the moment and very nervous but as she settles in I’ll share some updates…and some pooch related posts! She loves being fussed and when you stop she taps your hand. One of our products she may benefit from is some totally natural calming mist. It contains some beneficial aromatherapy oils and  no synthetic ingredients. I’ll let you know how we get on….

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