So what do you think?

As a student, many moons ago, part of our course was conducting surveys and analysing the data. At the time my 19 year old self just went along with the process thinking ‘when will I ever use tis again?’! Well that time has come!

When running your own business it is important to find out what other people think and the only way to do this is to ask questions. Sometimes those questions aren’t necessarily the ones we want to ask. However, to move forward it’s important to find out the answers so we can improve…or bask in the praise!

So what pointers would I follow when creating a survey?

  1. Keep the questions simple. If the reader needs to read the question again then it is too complicated. Don’t use jargon.
  2. Use language that isn’t ambiguous. Be clear.
  3. Keep the options in an answer to a minimum. Too many options will confuse the reader.
  4. When asking multiple choice questions cover all the options without overlapping. For instance 18-25, 26-40. The ages don’t overlap.
  5. Keep the questions to one thing. For instance ‘Which is your favourite meal and drink’ is actually two questions.
  6. Some questions people may not be able to answer or may not want to answer. Give an option such as ‘not applicable’, ‘don’t know’.
  7. Keep to short recall times. It is best to not rely on people remembering facts from many years ago.

This week I have finding out what my Mialisia customers and contacts think via a short survey. This is ahead of our new jewellery launch on the 4th of April. I’d love you to have a look and let me know what you think! Answering the last question gets you entered into our free prize draw too. Gook Luck!


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