I’m a Hufflepuff, how about you?

So what did you get up to on Mothering Sunday? In the UK we tend to have a different celebration day to the rest of the world! I was very lucky. I managed to have a celebratory weekend with my own Mum and my lovely daughters. Yesterday we treated my Mum to a day out and meal in the evening. Today my daughters and I headed to The Harry Potter Tour at the Warner Brothers Studio. I was so grateful that my Husband was our chauffeur…such an early start!

Harry Potter

We arrived and went virtually straight in. It had changed a bit since our previous visit. Some things for the better, but others not. We had a great time exploring the exhibits and finding all the golden snitches. Unexpectedly the Forbidden Forest was open early but a word of warning…once you have gone through it you can’t get back to see any areas you may have missed. Make sure that you are really ready to move on! We hadn’t realised this but did manage to blag our way back through..mainly because we had lost Rick!!

The girls were adamant that they are Slitherin and I resonate more with Hufflepuff. Which house would you belong to? Why not try this Quiz to find out?

The new exhibits were great . The spiders in the Forest, the train and the house. I still marvelled at the models and all the work that went into the props…I think I missed my vocation but I still get to be creative with my Mialisia!



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