Who Do You Keep in Touch With?

Over the years I have been lucky enough to meet and keep in touch with some amazing people whom I now call Friends. From early days in nursery and junior school, through secondary school and onto Polytechnic (Metropolitan Universities now!). Friends from teaching days, crafting days, through having children of my own and from travelling.

This weekend I have been very fortunate to have hosted a friend I made through a German exchange when I was around 14 years old! Kim and I had only written one letter to each other when I arrived in Mainz to spend a couple of weeks with her family at Easter. We got on so well and I loved being with her family. I was at Watford Grammar School for Girls at the time with Mrs Graham as my German teacher…another fabulous lady I am still in touch with! Kim came to visit us in the summer and we had a lovely time visiting London and the surrounding areas..as you can see below!! One of my longest visits to Germany was when I attended a summer school at Mainz University in 1988 and I was able to stay with kim afterwards. I have another lovely friend, Lesley, from America who I met on this trip!

Kim and I continued writing and visiting each other but have had a gap in the visits of just over 20 years when families came along. This current visit is because we are hosting Fabian, Kim’s eldest son, while he practices his English but we won’t be leaving it as long again!  Facebook has made it very easy to keep in touch now and with other messaging platforms such as WattsApp we haven’t got any excuse to lose touch with friends at all! It is great to be able to connect the younger generation too and see how friendships can continue to grow.

Who are you in touch with?


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