Keeping Male Skincare Safe! 

A while ago I posted about the ingredients we should watch out for in our skin care. Since then I have had great fun creating new recipes for other companies and working with some lovely people who want to create their own through Evanji.

Lee, from Hair Forum, has been having fun today completing the third of four out of six of our product development courses. Initially Lee worked to create lip balms, and moisturisers. On the second session we looked at facial scrubs, foaming washes and eye gels. Today we focussed on Male Grooming Products!

I wish we had ‘smelly vision’ today!  We started making body washes and created 5 different blends of Aromatherapy oils to fragrance them. Some of the blends were ones that I wouldn’t have thought of putting together…but they worked! One of my favourites was the Kidney Blend from Youngevity– absolutely gorgeous!

After blending more for some hair and body wash we moved onto creating massage bars and then shaving cream. Can’t wait to hear the feedback from those being allowed to try them out.

Quick Massage Bar Recipe-

190g Cocoa Butter, 25g Avocado Butter, 25g Shea Butter all melted together in a bain Marie. Add Essential Oils of your choice (6ml). Pour into ice cube trays and allow to set. Wrap individually.


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