Making the Most of those “Spare” Moments

You know that feeling when the water filter jug is empty again? When the last person to use it didn’t refill and now your cup of tea is an extra few minutes away whilst you have to refill and then fill the kettle?

Imagine that that water jug is you. Are you taking the time out to refill your jug before it gets completely empty? As women we are very good as running and organising everyone else, but very often we forget to replenish ourselves. We’re so busy sorting the family, the house, food, washing, working that we “are too busy” to replenish ourselves. We get out of balance, short tempered, overwhelmed and generally exhausted (and no a lie in with the kids playing loudly downstairs doesn’t replenish us ;-)!).

Some simple tips and tools can help us to utilise the moments that we have to their optimum. So here are a few of my favourite tips:

Tip 1 – Breathing – when waiting for the water jug to refill or the kettle to boil. Stop. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, in and out. Allow your body to relax and your mind to clear and focus just on the movement of the body breathing in and out. You were going to breathe anyway, so let’s do it is a mindful, meditative way. Let’s gain some positive benefits from the act!

Tip 2 – Walking mindfully – you are highly likely to do some walking at some point. So let’s use these moments when we’ve dropped kids at school or nursery or taking dog for a walk in a beneficial way. Don’t look at your phone, leave it in your pocket/ bag. Then as you walk focus on what you are experiencing around you. It may be the sun on your face, the sound of birds singing or a squeaky bike wheel, the sway of the trees in the wind, the smell of the blossom or flowers in gardens or outside shops). Wherever you are walking, focus on nature around you. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and am amazed at the positive effect this mindful noticing has had on my wellbeing and the insight I’m getting.

Tip 3 – switch off more – most of us have phones which have access to our emails, internet, twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Often we’ll pick our phone up whenever we get a quiet moment. Instead of doing this I want you to leave the phone alone and be present and either have a quiet mini-meditation (simply breathing in and out) or be mindful (be in the moment and focus on something around you – a picture, nature, a flower – engage with the detail you can experience).

These three simple tips can help you gain control over those small moments in life that are “spare” and turn them into a positive peaceful experience for yourself.

Take it moment by moment. For more ideas why not sign up for my free 21 day video program to create family calm ( ) or my free Meditation success program (

Or for more tips and tools check out my FREEBIES page on website

Plus I’ve written a book called “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums”, available from Amazon for £7.99. It has 160 tips and techniques, each that only take a minute or five to bring you from frazzled to calm and in touch with your inner Zen!

Yours calmly, Romella – Chief Calm Creator – Create Family Calm

Romella is an author and award-winning holistic and energy practitioner. Teaching and empowering women with tools for balance – calm – energy and to connect to other like-minded women. Romella runs a women’s circle for spiritual development in Shropshire  and online as well as Meditation classes (online and in Newport).


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