An Energetic Holistic Day.

Today has been a great day! I love teaching but even more when my students love to learn! It is even more rewarding when we are working with Reiki, life force energy.

I drove to South Wales to work with Lauren and Kim today. We were working on Level 1 Usui Reiki today and even though Lauren and Kim were learning lots of new information we had relaxing meditations in between!

As well as having the necessary 4 Attunements for Level one the course also includes information about your aura, the Chakras and useful crystals too. Have a look at Evanji for our training!

img002 img003


Crystals can be used with your energy to help increase the flow. Crystals have their own vibrational energy, and along with their colours, this can help stimulate healing. Those that I use are relevant to particular Chakra points.


Red Jasper, Blood Stone & Hematite are all used here for grounding and protecting. Hematite in particular harmonises mind, body & spirit. It helps dissolve and prevent negativity from entering the aura. It aids the circulation, supports the Kidneys, aids in iron absorption, insomnia and spinal alignment. Do not use if inflammation is present.


Carnelian is my preferred crystal here. It grounds and anchors you to the present. Restores vitality and motivation, whilst stimulating creativity. It imparts an acceptance of the cycle of life. In ancient times it was used to  protect the dead on their way to the afterlife. Gives courage and promotes positivity.  Deters apathy and promotes success. Is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind. It is full of life force and stimulates the metabolism. Increases fertility, and overcomes frigidity and impotence. Excellent for lower back problems and rheumatism.


Citrine is my crystal of choice here. It is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It is warming, energising and creative. It is the one crystal that never needs cleansing itself. It absorbs and grounds negative energy. It is a stone of abundance. It is happy and generous. Citrine is an eliminator, removing waste from the body. It helps menstrual problems and eliminates fatigue.

HEART green

Pink is also associated here. Rose Quartz is a good choice. My favourite is Aventurine (green). It is a very positive stone of prosperity. It has a strong connection to the devic kingdom (natures spirits). It absorbs ‘electromagnetic smog’. It reinforces leadership qualities. Promotes empathy, compassion and perseverance.


Turqoise and Sodalite are natural blue stones. The latter opens up spiritual perception. Helps with ‘sick building syndrome’ and can clear electromagnetic pollution from, for instance, computers. It calms the mind. It boosts the immune system. It treats the vocal cords, larynx and throat.

THIRD EYE Indigo/Violet

Amethyst is a truly powerful and protective stone. It has a high vibrational level and protects against psychic attack. It is a natural tranquilliser. Strong healing & cleansing powers, enhancing spiritual awareness. It calms & focuses. It centres you emotionally. Stimulates the 3rd Eye Chakra. It boosts the production of hormones, helps the endocrine system and metabolism. Sobers – traditionally worn to prevent drunkenness! Opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts. Relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain. Eases headaches and relieves tension. Cleanses the aura. Do not use in cases of paranoia or schizophrenia. It fades in sunlight. Ametrine is also good in this area.


Violet/White,Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet due to its’ unique helical spiral crystalline form. As demonstrated by a Kirlian camera, holding a Quartz crystal in your hand doubles your bio magnetic field. Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition. It harmonises the Chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.

Have a look at how your aura can change when Reiki is being used…


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