Do you LOVE to dance?

As a youngster I took ballet at the Gypsy Booth School of Russian Ballet in Oxhey, Hertfordshire. Over the last few years I have tried out many different styles of dancing. I have tried Tribal Belly Dance with Cherie in Shrewsbury, more traditional Belly Dancing with Abi in Telford and last year Tap Dance with Zoe at the Zoe Symmonds School of Dance in Loggerheads.

Tonight? I went along with Leigh to a fabulous evening of Ceroc!

We arrived at the hall in Shifnal and were greeted by a lovely group of people. We were told about a Groupon offer so decided to sign up for 10 sessions..and it was worth every penny.  There it even a beginners special offer.

All the dancers were very welcoming and chatty. We started the evening learning 3 moves. Everyone formed 3 lines in the centre and rotated didn’t matter if you didn’t have a partner when you arrived because you soon found one.

After learning the moves we had a ‘freestyle’ session and I had great time practising what I had learnt with some more than capable partners.

The next 45 minutes was spent in a small group of beginners to perfect the 3 moves we had learnt. I am really impressed with the patience of the teachers..especially as I tend to lead with my left foot!! We were then encouraged to join the rest of the dancers again to dance ‘freestyle’.  I was a lot more confident for this session and can definitely recommend it for fun and exercise! My top tips? Wear light clothes and prepare to smile…a lot…maybe one day we may be dancing like this!  🙂


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