A Knock on the Head!

Memory… How many of us find that we can’t remember things?

As a youngster I would sit exams and think nothing of entering the examination room just with the information in my head. I relied on my memory to get me the good grades with which I left school. Very lucky!!

Those of you who know me may have heard about the ‘knock on the head’ I had when I was 19 years old? It was part of an accident that took 9 years of recovery time and over the years I have made sure that I have challenged my brain and memory to keep it engaged!

I have changed my career moving from teaching Textiles, Food and Art to teaching Beauty and Holistic Therapies. This involved a lot of learning and training my brain to learn and do things it hadn’t in the past. Along the way I became interested in how people think and the way we self sabotage so completed a course in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This has led to me registering to complete and MSC in Psychology through Birmingham University in September…scary!! As well as courses that are synergistic with my business I have undertaken courses not related to anything I do…such as Marine Biology! Yes, my family think I’m mad!!

I have also challenged my memory and brain in my spare time… I learned tap dancing last year and have taken up Ceroc this year…the biggest challenge yet! The repetition in the Ceroc Dance classes is very beneficial and is such a help…I now need to take the leap into the Intermediate session….

So what do you do to improve your memory?


Marilu is an advocate for Synaptive from Youngevity…have a peek –



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